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Posted: Jun 18, 2007 10:29 am

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For those of you who saw these on PD, yes, I made two topics. Why? So more people could possibly join.

I found this game online about a week ago. It is called Flyff. It is a FREE (no purchase price or subscription fees) MMORPG, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, very similar to World of Warcraft, Runescape, Star Wars Galaxies, and Everquest. It was made by a company in Korea (which sometimes end up in really funny mistranslations). It is one of the funnest games I have ever played.

You start out in Flyff as a Vagrant Class, which is just to show you the basics of the game. Once you get to be level 15, you can pick between the four job classes. Then, once you get to level 60, you get to pick between two more job classes, depending on your first choice.

Once you get to level 20, though, this is when the game truly gets fun. You can buy brooms, hoverboards, hoverbikes, whatever, and it allows you to fly. This is the game's "claim to fame" so to speak. Also, when you get to level 20, you can start your own Guild.

I go by the name Shykaar in-game. If you do decide to check it out, I'm usually  on the Glyphon server on 5-4. Look me up if you decide to join. If enough people join, I may start a guild named,  you guessed it,  PaperDemon. (with BR's permission of course)

If you want to join, e-mail me at, and we can all play together. I have found that video games can start the greatest relationships between people. (Ask JIAM about Deer Hunter 2 sometime.)

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Posted: Jun 24, 2007 2:05 pm

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Meh. I'm not really into online games. They all seem the same to me. Just go around completing the same tasks over and over again to raise your EXP. I think I'll pass.



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