New parody show will release in Summer 2013


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Posted: Jun 26, 2012 6:59 am

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Hello everyone,

The PaperDemon Media team has been hard at work on the new parody series. We've still yet to agree on a name. But we've written and recorded dialog for the first three episodes. We've begun animation production and are hiring artist talents from around the world to help us with the production work so that we can get it done faster.

We intend to do things the right way. Rather than a random episode every couple of months or couple of years, we will release a new episode every week for about two months in the summer of 2013.

Because production of this new series is much more involved than Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater was, it takes a year of dedicated work to produce a season of episodes. This is why the release is a year out.

We'll keep you updated and be sure to let you know when the new episodes will be released.
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