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Posted: Feb 3, 2006 10:25 pm

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Coming back to Nappa's occaisional comment of interest in it, perhaps Tien and "Choa-tsu"?
(Argh, the spelling!) come on as carnies, Tien being a sideshow freak (having three eyes) and "Chow-suu"<-(How do you spell that!?) as a clown.

Or you know those George Foreman grills? Retired boxer making a cooker to "give those pounds a KO"? Same thing, with Hercule, cheesy ad and Hercule's endless product pushing ensues.
"Hey, are you lying? You don't wanna die do you? Cuz' you know what this is? This is that story of that Netherlands boy who lied to the village the dam had broke, what happened there? Got his finger caught in the dam and died!"



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